Long's Chapel Preservation Project 

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By mid-October 2015, Job Corps students from Charleston Job Corps Center (Charleston, WV), Muhlenberg Job Corps Center (Greenville, KY) and Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center (Prestonsburg, KY) will arrive in Harrisonburg to begin the Long’s Chapel Phase II renovation/preservation project.  The Job Corps students and their instructors will get to apply their skills to improve the facility and make accessible for visiting groups.  The students will represent various trades including:  carpentry, welding, culinary, and facility maintenance.  Each student will be volunteering and be able to earn up to 80 hours of work-based learning (WBL) during the span of the two week project.


Horizons Youth Services seeks to provide the Job Corps students a unique opportunity to expand their service based learning and professional experience.  Horizons Youth Services is also partnering with the Long’s Chapel Preservation Society to support efforts to preserve and teach about Long’s Chapel history as well as make it a facility that the public can visit and honor the legacy of religion, education, and property ownership memorialized at Long’s Chapel.











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To contact us, you can send us an email at Longschapel@horizonsva.com or call 540-437-9844